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NeuroLab Neurofeedback Program

 QEEG Brain Mapping

We begin by using state-of-the-art EEG equipment, to map your unique brain wave patterns. This allows us to identify which areas of your brain are not functioning normally and may be contributing to your symptoms. The brain map can be very informative and help you understand, among other things, your default response to stress, why you struggle with sleep, or why your brain is attracted to addictive substances and behaviors. 

Brain Mappin

Brain Training Sessions

From the brain map we develop an individualized training program based on your unique brain wave patterns and your unique goals. Our 55 minute training sessions take place in a comfortable relaxing training room where you are shown your brain waves in real time and coached on how to change them.  With repetition and practice your brain will strengthen and correct the problem areas found in the brain map. Some sessions may include "eyes closed relaxation training" while listening to relaxing tones and others may include "eyes open activation training" while watching and controlling a movie.

Brain Training


Often our clients experience improvements after just a few sessions. The average client finds it takes about 25-30 sessions to create lasting changes and they typically will not require refresher sessions in the future. However, for some conditions, like OCD and addiction, our clients sometimes find it helpful to come back in for a session or two before a big test, the big game, or during a stressful time in their lives.  

A relaxed and healthy brain has a greater ability to "deal" with life and it's difficulties. One of the most common improvements our clients report (or more often, their parents or spouse) is that they become more relaxed in the face of stress. Research shows that 90-95% of people who try neurofeedback respond to it with the average person experiencing a 60-80% improvement in symptoms. Call us to find out how neurofeedback can be helpful for you. 

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